2018 - 19 Programme

15th September 2018 Paul Simmons Watercolours Autumn Woodland

There will not be a demonstration in October because of the extended exhibition but in 2018 there will be a Workshop.

20th October 2018 Will Dyke Lino cut printing Workshop (booking required)

17th November 2018 John Randall Gouache Horse on black card

24th November 2018 Max Hale TBC Portrait workshop (booking required)

15th December 2018 Stephen Cheeseman Acrylics Abstract

19th January 2019 Roger Dellar Oils Rocky Coast

16th February 2019 Paul Banning Watercolour Something Sunny

16th March 2019 Alison Board Mixed Media TBC

13th April 2019 Rick Holmes Acrylics Workshop (booking required)

NB Workshop locations will be advised when booking/in advance - generally in Four Marks or Alton

2017 - 18 Programme

16th September       Ben Manchipp                               Watercolours - Line & Wash
There will be no October demonstration because of the extended Annual Exhibition

25th November           Mel Cambridge                               Oils

16th December           Lyn Mansfield                                 Drawing & coloured pencils

20th January               Debbi Hide                                     Watercolour & mixed media

17th February             Rick Holmes                                   Acrylics

17th March                  Will Dyke                                       Lino Printing demo & talk

NB - AGM Starts at 2pm followed at 2.30pm by demonstration


21st April                     Soraya French                              Wild Acrylics   

2016 - 17 Programme

17th September          Paul Banning                                 Watercolours

There will be no October demonstration because of extended Annual Exhibition

19th November           Jenny Whalley                                Pastels

17th December           Roger Dellar                                  Oils

21st January               Julia Cassells                                 Mixed media

18th February             Maggie Cross                                Chinese Brush

18th March                  Max Hale                                       Portraits

                        N.B The AGM starts at 2pm - 2.30pm22nd April                  


Wendy Jelbert                              Acrylics

This takes place at Four Marks Village Hall from 10am - 4 pm.

2015 - 16 Programme

19th  September       Tom Yendell & Mandy Saw              Talks on Mouth & Foot Painters and Art Charity

17th October              Rosalind Wilkes                             Collage and acrylics

21st November         Jo Quigley                                       Acrylics

19th December        Rick Holmes                                     Pastels

16th January             Mary Towsey                                   Oils

20th February          Marylin Allis                                      Watercolour
19th March               Peter Wooley                                   Watercolour

                                 (NB: A.G.M. 2 - 2:30p.m., then demo at 2:30 p.m.)


23rd April                 Matthew Palmer                               Watercolours            

At Four Marks Village Hall - 10am-4pm                              

Places limited, book through Annabel Young. 
(Further details re equipment/subject matter will be available nearer the time)

2014 - 15 Programme

20th  September       Claire Drewe              Batik

4th October               Paul Banning             Watercolour - West Indies

15th November         Russ Calver               Pastels - Animals

20th December        Soraya French            Acrylic paints & Inks - Urban scene

17th January             Caroline Jackman      Screen Printing/making

21st February           Matthew Palmer         Watercolours - Runs regular TV programmes;
                                                                                           - Coming from up north for us

21st March               Heather Jolliffe            Mixed media/pencils - Botanical

                                 (NB: A.G.M. 2 - 2:30p.m., then demo at 2:30 p.m.)

18th April                  Dee Cowell                   At Four Marks Village Hall - 10am-4pm
                                 Art bars & Inktense.

(Further details re equipment/materials/subject matter will be available nearer the time)
Places limited, book through Annabel Young.