Selling work

           James Bemrose: Storm Passing on Norfolk Coast 

Members can sell their artwork through the Society in the following ways.

  •  At the Annual Exhibition, all exhibits must be for sale.  There are minimum pricing requirements outlined in the Conditions of Entry, but this still means many affordable pieces of art are available for sale. The Society retains a commission of 20% of the sale price. 
  •  Also at the Annual Exhibition, cards with reproductions of artists’ work are on sale for £2.00 each.  The Society again retains 20%.
  • At the Summer Exhibition at Treloar's, exhibits may be sold - a commission of 20% of the sale price going to the Treloar Trust. 
  • Regular attendees of the Thursday paint group at the Maltings are able to exhibit and sell work through the biennial Allen Gallery Exhibition.
  •  "Rafters", at The Alton Maltings, invites a number of local artists to display their work in the cafe and bookshop.  Selection is wholly in the hands of The Maltings' manager. 
  • In the past, the Society has organised photographic sessions, when members can have their work digitised, for conversion into cards.  A number of options are presented for members to contact companies directly and when possible, 2 days are arranged annually for members to have works photographed professionally through the Society in Alton and Four Marks. Excellent printing services are offered by local companies: Treloar Print and Wildly upbeat printers.